Life Coaching 


Are you at a crossroad in life and need to guidance as to where you should go from there?  Maybe there is an issue that you would like to address that has been affecting your like in a negative way.  You will be guided on a Holistic tour to examine your life's challenges and discover ways to overcome them. 

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Natural Health Consultation  


A comprehensive evaluation will be done, then a Custom Cleanse Program will be recommended, which could include Lifestyle Modifications, Stress Management, and Dietary Supplementation. 

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Reflexology is the manipulation of reflex points on the foot, that correspond with the body's organs, glands, systems and parts.  Some benefits of Reflexology are improved circulation, detoxification, reduced stress, and a better overall feeling of well-being.  Click here to schedule an appointment.

30 Minutes                      $48

60 Minutes                      $68  

90 Minutes                      $98