Lose Weight, Win A Purse!

Take the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge, Lose the Most Weight, Win A Purse*

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*  Purchase the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge Products

*  Submit a BEFORE picture, include 

    your beginning weight

*  Use the products for 30 days

*  Submit your AFTER picture and

    your ending weight.  If you 

    lose more weight than all other 

    participants for the month, 


*  Each contest starts on the first day of each month.  All entries must be submitted before midnight on the last day of the previous month to be included in the contest for the following month. Each contestant must use products from the 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge offered on this page, to be considered for the contest.  There is no weight-loss guarantee, individual results may vary.  To be considered for a win, a Before AND After picture; and weight must be submitted before midnight on the first day of the following month.  Winners for each month will be posted on this web page.  If there is a tie, the first submission of the After picture and weight will be considered the winner.  Submitting an entry provides approval for CRN Wellness to use pictures and weight loss on this website, unless otherwise requested in writing not to use an entry picture and weight.