Your Journey to Wellness - God's Way: Natural Alternatives for Those Who Choose to Say 'No' to the Flu Shot

Natural Alternatives for Those Who Choose to Say 'No' to the Flu Shot

by Kim Stanley, PhD

Some Natural Alternatives to the Flu Shot

Since flu season is upon us, I feel compelled to address the issue of flu shots.  I know that there are many people who do not regualrly get flu shots.  I am one of those people.  But, how does one prepare for flu season, if one chooses not to get a flu shot?  There are several options that I have to offer - all of which are natural, of course.

  • The first is to use garlic, yes garlic.  I know that most people do not want to think of taking garlic; but,for those of us who do not mind, it is a viable option to the flu shot. Garlic is in the same family as the onion, and onions will help to fight off colds and flu as well.  This reminds me of a former coworker, who put raw onion on her salads every day.  Once, when she was criticized by one of our fellow coworkers, she replied "Go ahead and laugh at me, but you never see me sniffling and coughing like you do."  Raw garlic is best.  When garlic is cut open and the inside is exposed to air, allicin, the active ingredient, is released.  That being said, no matter how you choose to take it, be sure to cut it open and take it raw.  I like to cut cloves into small peices, put them on a tablespoon, place the spoon on my tongue, then wash it down with water.  If you are going to be close to someone, ask them to do the same, so the odor may not be so offensive to them.  
  • Some people like to take goldenseal and echinacea.  They can be taken as supplements, or as a tea.  When using this option, one would need to start the regimen early on, for maximum benefit.  
  • Then, another option is to combine ginger, honey and lemon as a tea.
  • Well, sometimes, I just do not have time to prepare some of the other options, so I take dietary supplements that help to build the immune system.  Two products that I take are DailyComplete and SynergyDefense. I have taken these products off and on for almost thirty years.  I found a company that has been around for a while and have quality products.  I never go for the latest fad, I like to stick with what I know really works. Daily Complete has vitamins, minerals and super foods, click here to see video. SynergyDefense, has pre-biotics and probiotics that provide healthy bacteria, assist with digestion and help with the effects of stress. 
  • Another option is to take another group of supplements - The Garden Trio by the AIM Companies

I hope that I have provided information that will be helpfull when choosing a natural alternative to the flu shot; and that it will be beneficial to your health.

If you have specific questions, or need additional information, please contact me here.


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