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CRN Wellness was established for those who, similar to my experiences,  have health challenges and have not been helped by traditional methods. During my lifetime, I experienced health challenges; and despite spending thousands of dollars and visiting numerous doctors and specialists, was unable to get well. Instead, my symptoms worsened and my health was declining rapidly.

I was bed-ridden, in constant pain, having seizures regularly, severe respiratory issues, did not have complete control of my limbs, severe swelling and inflammation, was extremely lethargic and could not care for my children.  I know that others have experienced what I did, maybe there are some who are currently experiencing the same. That is why it has become my passion to help others overcome these and other challenges and regain their health.

I had studied Natural Healing for several years prior. But, with limited information and resources available at the time, it became somewhat of a challenge. With no other options regarding health, I used the knowledge that I had already acquired and was able to regain my health. Now, with over 30 years of study, and the availability of better quality supplements, there are better options available today.

In an attempt to become healthy, my first goal was to detox my entire body. During the cleansing process, I provided my body with nutrition, dietary supplements and lifestyle modifications to allow it to heal itself; thus creating the concept of Cleanse, Rebuild and Nutrition.

Since that time, family, friends and co-workers have benefited from this process, as well.   Now it is available for others who have health challenges and feel that there are no other options.

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Kim Stanley, PhD                 

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